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 Ever bang your elbow and find yourself rubbing it or "shaking it off" to make it feel better?  Well, your body tells you to do this inherently, because stimulation to the hurt area via touch or motion actually interferes with the pain signals being sent to your brain.  When pain is not sensed in the brain, you stop feeling pain at the elbow. 


Based on this fundamental fact that touch and motion dampens pain, myomethod uses RockTape's well researched and widely used kinesiology tape on the skin of the injured area to reduce patient's pain levels. RockTape was made with a 180% elasticity, which not only supports the injured area, but most importantly allows full range of motion - an integral part of the healing process.  RockTape's understanding and value in movement being the key to healing was the reason why we chose RockTape over their competitors. 


With its unique stretch design and superior adhesive, RockTape produces a microscopic lifting effect underneath the skin and between the many layers when applied.  This decompresses the injured area and decreases swelling and inflammation by allowing the waste products created by inflammation be removed more quickly.  RockTape also delays muscle fatigue and normalizes muscle tone to help patients stay active and moving properly. 

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