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Fascial Distortion Model (FDM) is a powerfully effective manual therapy for treating musculoskeletal injuries, including many neurological conditions.  FDM has a proven track record of effective, reproducible and measurable results.  It is our primary treating modality because it is so effective our patients recover in as fast as four visits with lasting results.  FDM is used by many professional athletic teams including the LA Dodgers, New York Yankees, Seattle Mariners, Chicago Cubs, Arizona Diamond Backs, LA Clippers, Washington Nationals, just to name a few. 


Every new patient will receive a FDM assessment to specifically diagnose the type of fascial distortion or distortions that may be present.  If treatment is deemed appropriate, we then manually apply a specific pressure and depth to the injured tissue to return it to its normal state. 


Chiropractic adjustments may be used to restore motion and function to fixated/irritated joints enabling proper healing to occur.  The chiropractic adjustment helps reduce pain and inflammation, which in turn is removing the communication barrier between the brain and body. This allows the brain and body to talk to each other accurately and proficiently.  Having a healthy, properly moving spine leads to a healthy, well functioning body.

At myomethod, we have help thousands of patients eliminate the SOURCE of myofascial and joint pain, discomfort and dysfunction through a combination of: Fascial Distortion Model, chiropractic adjustments and rehabilitative exercises. 


Individually prescribed rehabilitative exercises will also be given to correct faulty movement patterns and prevent future injuries.  Patients will be able to take these exercises with them to do at home, work or during their usual exercise routine.  Having exercises and tools outside of the doctor's office is an integral part of the effectiveness of your FDM and chiropractic care. 

The myomethod plan allows strength, function and range of motion to be restored, pain to be dramatically decreased and patients to return doing what they love -- whether that is weightlifting, playing with kids, rock climbing, or simply being pain free and more productive at work.  At myomethod, we are fully committed to providing exceptional quality care and patient experience.